Tomer Krayzman

UMD Class of 2021 - Computer Science/Chinese


Hello! My name is Tomer Krayzman and I'm student at the University of Maryland College Park double majoring in Computer Science and Chinese. I was born in Israel to two parents who had left the Soviet Union and now live in Baltimore County. I've been coding for many years and currently like working on front-end web development and game development! Most of my game development is done through the Unity game engine using C# and Javascript. I'm also interested in language learning! I currently know Russian, English, Hebrew, Spanish, and recently began learning Chinese at UMD.



Squirrel Speed!

A project a friend and I worked on last year as our submission to the Maryland FBLA Competition. We won third place in the state! You can find this project on GitHub here.


Bitcamp — Web Development

Bitcamp is an annual hackathon held at UMD annually where college students and (recently) high school students can come to compete or learn something new! This year, I got to work on the website to promote Bitcamp 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID19, Bitcamp had to be cancelled this year. :( Despite this, the web dev team plans on creating an even better website for the next next time Bitcamp can be held!